For Instructors Who Want to Start or Grow their Training Business


  1. Fill out the instructor application form.
  2. Complete necessary instructor training with ITG instructor training.
  3. Watch tutorial videos for new instructors.

With the growing popularity of e-learning, the role of traditional classroom instructors is evolving to provide the next level of specialised education. While some instructors may fear that e-learning will reduce their training business, ProTrainings instructors have an exciting opportunity to grow their businesses with tools never before available.

ProTrainings instructors can consult with students and businesses to refer to e-learning as a tool when it works best for their clients. Instead of being limited by their ability to teach at a certain place and time, instructors can recommend e-learning courses or work along with e-learning in a blended format while maintaining classroom courses. Since instructors are compensated for any e-learning they refer to, they now have access to an unlimited revenue source and a distinct advantage over other training competitors.

By joining the ProTrainings instructor network, instructors also have access to support where they can share and receive training advice and business tips and tricks. There are also vast networking opportunities with training instructors across the whole UK. If you want to start or expand your business, join the hundreds of instructors who already enjoy the benefits of a robust training partner.


    • Commissions
      Receive commissions on e-learning you refer to your students.
    • Free Advertising
      Get free advertising online by listing your classes on the ProCourses website.
  • Low Startup Costs
    Inexpensive setup fees for current instructors to join and low training fees for new instructors

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