AED Locations

We have covered a lot of information about AED units on this course, but where can you find an AED? If you have one at your workplace or home, you will have easy access, but if you are away and an emergency situation arises, you may need to find one fast. In these situations the best way to ensure that an AED is available quickly is to call the emergency medical services. When you dial 999 or 112 they will send the ambulance but they may also activate a local community responder who will bring an AED unit to the scene.

Other places you may find an AED include airports, railway stations or shopping centres. These are public access AEDs which are at different locations where they may be needed.

Community AED units are often found outside village shops, pubs, Doctors surgeries, Dental Practices and other places. These are usually locked and the code is given to you by the EMS when you call.

Many businesses may also have an AED unit. If you ever have to deal with a cardiac arrest, ask bystanders if they know if there is an AED unit nearby and send them to go and get it. It maybe that this local AED unit arrives before the EMS and this could increase the persons chance of survival.

Spend some time looking out for AED units when you are out and about, you will be surprised how many there are in the community.

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