AED maintenance and your Vivest defibrillator

AED Maintenance: Keeping Your Device in Top Condition

Regular AED maintenance is crucial to ensure that your Automated External Defibrillator (AED) is always ready for an emergency. This guide covers the essential steps and practices for maintaining your AED effectively.

Understanding AED Maintenance Requirements

AED maintenance is a critical task that varies depending on workplace policies and manufacturer recommendations. It’s important to adhere to these guidelines, which may require daily, weekly, or monthly checks of your AED unit.

Performing Initial Checks

The initial maintenance checks are straightforward but vital:

  • Look for a flashing light on the AED, which signals that the unit is functioning correctly.
  • Be attentive to any warning sounds or beeping noises, as these could indicate a problem with the unit or that the batteries are low.
  • The unit will self-test periodically, and any detected problems will trigger a warning or notification.

Detailed Inspection Process

As part of your AED maintenance:

  • Open the AED case and ensure all contents, including pads and instructions, are present and intact.
  • Verify that the pad seals are not broken.
  • Check both the pad and battery expiry dates.
  • Inspect the unit for any signs of damage, humidity, or dust accumulation.
Storing Your AED Properly

Proper storage is an essential aspect of AED maintenance:

  • If the AED is damp or dusty, reconsider your storage solution to protect the unit.
  • Consider using heated cabinets to protect the AED from extreme cold temperatures.
  • Ensure the heating element and any fitted lights in the cabinet are functional.

Testing Your AED

To ensure your AED is ready for use, carry out a functional test:

  • Press the start button on the AED to initiate the analysis cycle.
  • Confirm that the lights flash and the voice prompts are accurate, indicating readiness.

Documenting Your Maintenance Checks

After completing maintenance:

  • Record your findings in line with your workplace policy or guidelines.
  • If your AED is registered on the 999 network, update the status in the login area.

Conclusion: Ensuring Reliability through Regular Maintenance

By following these guidelines for AED maintenance, you ensure that your device is always prepared and reliable for any emergency situations that may arise.

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