Alternative emergency phone numbers

UK Emergency and Non-Emergency Phone Numbers: A Comprehensive Guide

Emergencies can arise unexpectedly. In the UK, various emergency and non-emergency phone numbers are available to ensure timely and appropriate responses.

Emergency Services in the UK

The UK emergency services are equipped to handle a wide range of crises, ensuring public safety. 999 is the most recognised emergency number, but there are other important numbers to be aware of.

999 and 112: Emergency Numbers

999, the primary emergency number, and 112, the EU-wide emergency number, are both free to call. Dialling 112 is particularly useful for travellers within the EU and in many non-EU countries.

Non-Emergency Numbers

These numbers provide essential services without burdening the emergency system.

101: Non-Emergency Police Number

Use 101 for situations that don’t require immediate emergency response, such as minor traffic incidents or to report a crime.

NHS 111: Medical Helpline

NHS 111 is a free medical helpline in England, Scotland, and parts of Wales for urgent, but non-life-threatening, medical advice or help.

105: Power Cut Helpline

Launched in 2016, 105 is a national number for reporting power cuts or related issues in England, Scotland, and Wales.

123: Gas Emergency Number

For gas leaks or gas emergencies, call 123, operated by the National Gas Emergency Service.

0800405040: British Transport Police

Use this number for non-emergency incidents on the railway network. Texts can be sent to 61016.

116123: Samaritans Helpline

For emotional support during distress or suicidal thoughts, call 116123 to reach the Samaritans, a registered charity.

Conclusion: Choosing the Right Number

Selecting the correct number in a crisis ensures that you receive the appropriate help and keeps the emergency lines available for critical situations.

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