Animal Trauma Kits

Welcome to this edition of The First Aid Show. What we’re going to look at in this video are trauma kits for animals. Now, this particular trauma kit we’ve got here is a trauma kit for horses. They’re available for dogs and cats and other animals as well. The idea of trauma here, we are looking at serious injury or catastrophic bleeding. Now the kit itself is designed to be in a sealed container, so it is factory sealed in a re-sealable bag. Inside is the equipment you would need to deal with a catastrophic bleed on an animal. So what you do, you just rip the top off. Once you have ripped the top off you can open up the unit and then pull out the contents.

What you have inside are four main products. There’s Celox granules. Now Celox is a haemostatic agent and what this can do is stop bleeding very quickly. You literally take the packet, rip off the top and pour that directly into the wound. Then you apply direct pressure over to it. Now what that will do is react with the blood and form a plug. Now you don’t need to worry about this plug causing any long term harm. It is all-natural products in there and the vet can remove it very very easily. Also in here is a pair of gloves, because you are dealing with blood and you need to make sure you keep your hands clean. A high-absorbancy dressing, and also some dressing here which is some vet-wrap type dressing that goes over the animals’ legs. It will only stick to itself. So if you need further help on to any of this product onto the skin, this will be ideal for it.

Trauma Kits

Now these sort of kits are different depending on what animal you are working with, but they are a very easy way of keeping hold of a catastrophic kit just in case something bad happens in a nice simple easy form. The sorts of time where you would need trauma kits like this, from the large scale from the horses, it might be that they jump over a fence and they put a very very serious gash in the leg and there’s a lot of blood. And you gotta stop that bleeding quickly. This is what they are good to try and do. Try and stop bleeding quickly so we can get the vet. With a dog, it might be a serious bleed from a cut, maybe a knife wound or something like that; anything where there is catastrophic bleeding.

Now with this kit, you wouldn’t just use with a small cut or graze. This sort of kit will help keep the blood inside the body. It stops the blood coming out therefore reducing the shock. We also make it easier for the animal because it is going to be less distressed, and also we can make the animal in a much better condition by the time we get it to professional medical help. And finally, if you are interested in buying these trauma kits whether it be the horse ones or the pet ones or even the human ones, if you go to, you have a look at the bottom of the page and see the store icon. If you go on from there you will see our online shop and all our range of products are there.

To buy yourself a Trauma Kit to make sure you are fully equipped to help your pet, visit our online store or give us a call on 01206 809538.

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