Collaclot haemostatic sponges – stops bleeds and promotes healing in pets

Collaclot™ large emergency haemostatic collagen sponge, this trauma dressing is ideal for the treatment of life-threatening bleeding for animal use. Order Collaclot at

Sterile Size 10 x 7.5cm

There is a small version available


For full details, removal instructions and warnings, please refer to the manufacturer’s instructions.

Please refer to the instructions below to ensure the successful application of Collaclot™ Haemostatic Sponge.

Identify / Expose the wound

Identify the point of bleeding

Remove Collaclot™ Haemostatic Sponge from the packet

Wipe away excess blood where possible.

If required, cut or tear the sponge to the necessary size to suit the wound then place the perforated(rough) side of the sponge directly onto the wound. Collaclot can be formed to ‘fit’ any wound or site where rapid coagulation is required.

Cover the sponge with an appropriate dressing and apply direct pressure until bleeding is controlled /stops.

Wrap with a bandage to maintain pressure and seek further veterinary assistance where required.

Following use and where possible, excessive Collaclot should be removed from the wound site. However, as a naturally occurring product (collagen) it will slowly be absorbed by the body.

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