Collaclot Haemostatic sponges for catastrophic bleeds on pets – Must have for all pet owners

COLLACLOT is made from chicken collagen and it is activated by contact with blood. The active ingredient in COLLACLOT is collagen, which binds to the receptors in damaged cells in the blood vessels. This activates a major cascade of chemical reactions throughout the body to provide a scaffold for blood to start clotting.

This is different from other hemostats as it not only helped to clot the bleed via pressure but also by promoting an increase in the body’s natural reaction. It also works in extreme conditions and is fully biodegradable. It’s ideal for a range of wounds from catastrophic bleeding to minor cuts. Although made from chicken collagen, the risk of allergic reaction is very unlikely, as the intensive diafiltration process during manufacture removes most of the allergens.

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COLLACLOT is not affected by external temperatures. It can be used in temperatures from -95 to plus 55 degrees C unlike other products with a narrower effective window. Once you apply COLLACLOT, it is advised to apply direct pressure onto the product until the bleeding stops. However, you can use additional assistance in this form of a tourniquet to help stop the bleed. When you use COLLACLOT, you should only need to use one sponge on each wound. You can easily tear the sponge if you want to and put it onto different wounds, and you can pack the wound if needed. There are two sizes of products available, meaning you can tailor the needs of the animals you may be around. COLLACLOT does not cause an exothermic reaction, so it should not cause harm to the animal. It doesn’t matter which way up you place COLLACLOT on the wound as it’s all effective.

Unlike other hemostats, COLLACLOT clots bloods and doesn’t just stop bleeding. COLLACLOT is vital for every pet owner in every pet first aid kit. You can buy a COLLACLOT direct from ProTrainings Europe on our supply-side at or contact us for more information on supplies at or phone 012068205359. First Aid Show is provided by ProTrainings Europe Ltd.

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