Collaclot Haemostatic dressing – a must have for every pet owner to stop all bleeds

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For over a decade, we have been involved in pet first aid and have always searched for products that can effectively stop catastrophic bleeding in pets and animals. Many haemostatic agents on the market are not suitable for animals, such as Z-fold gauze. While it may be useful for packing a wound in certain cases, we need something that can be applied directly to a large wound or even rolled up and packed into a wound.

Introducing Collaclot, a 100% collagen-based product that not only stops bleeding but also promotes the healing process. Unlike other haemostatic agents, which primarily plug the wound and absorb blood, Collaclot actively aids in healing. It can be used in various situations, from catastrophic artery cuts to minor injuries like cutting a pet’s claws too short or a ripped claw.

While we have discussed using dressings and bandages in other pet first aid videos, Collaclot provides a more effective solution for promoting healing while controlling bleeding. Keeping more blood in the body and initiating the healing process as quickly as possible greatly benefits the animal. Collaclot is suitable for use on dogs, cats, equestrian animals, agricultural animals, and even those in wildlife parks or zoos.

Licensed for animals, Collaclot is simple to use and comes in two sizes in fold pouches. The collagen is derived from chickens and has a smooth side and a rough side, but either side can be applied to the wound. The product can be easily torn into smaller pieces for minor injuries or rolled up to pack into a wound for more severe cases. After applying Collaclot, continue with standard first-aid practices, including applying direct pressure and securing the dressing with a bandage before taking the animal to the vet as quickly as possible.

Collaclot is an ideal addition to any pet first aid kit or first aid kits for equestrian or agricultural purposes. It is simple to use, versatile, and effective in treating various injuries. To purchase Collaclot, visit any of our training websites or our main site at For more information, call us at 01206-825-359 or email Collaclot could be a lifesaver for your pets or the animals you care for.

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