Dementia Awareness Week in the UK get involved locally or online

Dementia Awareness WeekDementia Awareness Week this week has many events to increase the understanding of Dementia and how you can help and get involved with Dementia care either locally or online. Living with dementia isn’t easy to imagine if you haven’t been put in that situation.   

Some people have a great support network and others live alone.  There is plenty of help available to assist people living alone and help them remain independent as long as possible.

This Dementia Awareness Week encourages anyone who is worried about dementia to confront their concerns and get in touch with Alzheimer’s Society and other organisations. Hundreds of thousands of families are touched by dementia every year and many people don’t know where to turn. We know dementia can be scary but you don’t have to face it alone.

92-year old Rose does tai-chi every day and gets help with carers to plan out her days.  She fills them up with going to memory groups, drawing and other activities that help keep her mind active.  And this May you can can raise dementia awareness to give people like Rose a more improved standard of life.

The theme for 2015 was ‘Do Something New’, and it was all about getting people to try something new during the week.  If you think you can help the Alzheimer’s Society there are many ways that you could participate, for example, take part in a memory walk, go parachuting or … come up with your very own idea for an event!

There are many websites where you can learn more about Dementia including the Alzheimer’s Society. Reading stories from people who have might help your understanding.  Click here to read about Enid and George’s story.

Other ways that you can increase your knowledge is to complete the Virtual Dementia Tour where you get an idea of what Dementia might be like and complete our video online course on Dementia.  For more information call ProTrainings Europe on 01206 805359.

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