Economy bleed kits – be ready for a serious bleed

Bleed kits are becoming more common in the workplace and society in general. Bleed kits come in different types and sizes.  In this edition of the First Aid Show, we look at one that we sell at ProTrainings which uses the CitizenAid Tourni-key to keep the cost down and still have an effective kit to control a catastrophic limb bleed.

This kit is similar to the contents that you would have in a larger catastrophic bleed kit, but this one has a much lower price range to it, and also the equipment in it is slightly different. So the kit itself is physically smaller than a lot of our other kits. It’s still a zip action case, so you can just open it up and it opens up into two parts.

The kit includes a Tourni-Key Plus and Pocket Guide by citizenAID as a tourniquet

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