Fluid balance in Dogs and Cats

The Vital Role of Water in Animal Physiology

Water is a pivotal element in the physiology of adult animals, constituting about 60% to 65% of their body mass and being fundamental to nearly all physiological processes.

Electrolytes in Cats and Dogs: Sodium and Chloride

For both cats and dogs, fluid equilibrium, encompassing water intake and expulsion, is intrinsically tied to the levels of particular molecules termed electrolytes. Sodium and chloride — the constituents of table salt — are prevalent electrolytes, bearing positive and negative charges, respectively. Maintaining an equilibrium between these electrolytes is essential for regular physiological operations, with even slight variances impacting hydration and proficient cell and organ operation.

Electrolyte Functions: From Muscles to Brain Health

Electrolytes also play a part in stabilising body pH, and they’re vital for the functionality of muscles and nerves as well as the regular activity of the heart and brain. Analogous to humans, healthy animals consistently acquire and expend water and electrolytes during daily tasks like urinating, panting, defecating, exercising, and perspiring.

How Animals Maintain Fluid Balance

Animals routinely restore these liquids through food and water intake. Their inherent regulatory systems make certain that day-to-day fluctuations scarcely influence regular activities.

Dehydration in Animals: Causes and Consequences

Nonetheless, complications emerge when an animal’s water expenditure exceeds its consumption, causing a decrease in fluid concentrations within blood vessels and cells beneath the typical threshold — a state labelled as dehydration. A marked repercussion of dehydration is reduced blood pressure, termed hypotension. With escalating dehydration, the disproportion in liquids and electrolytes obstructs the peak performance of cells, tissues, and vital organs, levying added pressure on crucial organs like the heart and kidneys.

The Severity of Clinical Shock in Pets

Extreme dehydration can culminate in clinical shock, a critical situation that necessitates immediate intervention from a vet.

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