Head Injury and Brainy Dogs from Headway Suffolk

Head Injury recovery is a long and difficult process and Headway Suffolk are using dogs to help in this recovery. Brainy Dogs is a unique project.

Rescue dogs from Felixstowe Blue Cross are trained by prisoners to become companion dogs to people with a brain injury or neurological condition.

After a brain injury or neurological condition people can experience a personality change which may result in them losing friends and family.  The dogs fill the gap that this leaves. Some dogs live with their clients as pets.  Others stay at the Headway Suffolk as pets to all who want to be involved.  Clients can walk the dogs, groom them and feed them with support from the Brainy Dogs Coordinator.

More information on Headway Suffolk and Brainy Dogs can be found by clicking here.

For more information on the ProTrainings video online course on Head Injury, visit www.proheadinjury.co.uk