How to use your CellAED® on an infant

How to Use CellAED® on an Infant in Emergency Situations

Understanding how to effectively use your CellAED® on an infant during a cardiac emergency is crucial. This guide provides step-by-step instructions for handling such critical situations.

Recognising When to Use CellAED® on an Infant

The CellAED® is designed with a mode specifically for infants weighing less than 10kg (22 pounds). If uncertain about the infant’s weight, continue to treat in adult mode without delay.

Initial Response to Infant Cardiac Arrest

In case of sudden cardiac arrest in an infant:

  • Avoid shaking the infant; instead, gently tickle under their feet or arms.
  • Use the head tilt – chin lift method to check breathing, avoiding overextension.
  • If no normal breathing is detected, call emergency services and begin CPR immediately.

Administering CPR to an Infant

For CPR:

  • Remove clothing to expose the chest.
  • Use two fingers to press down one-third of the chest depth at a rate of 100-120 compressions per minute.

Applying CellAED® on an Infant

To apply your CellAED®:

  • Follow the voice instructions, placing one pad with the blue button in the centre of the chest.
  • Roll the infant gently to apply the second pad on their back, then return them to their back.

Activating Infant Mode

When instructed by the CellAED®:

  • Press the blue button labelled ‘Press for infant use only’ to activate infant mode.
  • Confirm your selection when prompted by the voice instructions.

Continuing Treatment

During CPR:

  • Remove the pad from the infant’s chest and lay it beside them.
  • Continue compressions in time with the CellAED® beeps.

Completing the Therapy Cycle

Follow the CellAED® voice instructions through the therapy cycle. When instructed to stop CPR, reapply the pad to the infant’s chest for the device to analyse the heart rhythm.

Conclusion: Following Through Until Help Arrives

Continue to provide chest compressions and rescue breaths as instructed by your CellAED® until emergency services take over, or if it becomes unsafe to continue. Remember, your prompt action can be critical in an emergency situation involving an infant.


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