How to register as a ProTrainings instructor

How to Register as a ProTrainings Instructor

Embarking on a journey as a ProTrainings instructor? Our registration process is streamlined, user-friendly, and tailored to cater both the new and seasoned trainers. Here’s a complete breakdown to get you started.

The Basics of Registration

Whether you’re a new entrant in the training world or an already qualified instructor with certificates in hand, the registration process remains consistent. Starting with basic details such as home address, date of birth (required for regulated qualifications), mobile number, and email, you’ll establish your foundation on the platform.

Address Confidentiality

Your privacy is our top concern. While we do collect your home address for internal records, it never appears publicly. Instead, your business address is what’s visible, which can be the same as your home address if you’re operating from there.

Setting Your Business Front

The business section serves as your public profile. From formal names to websites, this section helps prospective students or institutions find you. Ensuring accuracy here is crucial, especially with the address, as our system uses geo-location to help direct potential leads and opportunities your way.

Course Settings and Preferences

Define your teaching scope by selecting the types of courses you offer. Whether you’re catering to in-house corporate sessions or public courses for individuals, our system lets you customise your visibility. Set your travel preferences, day rate work preferences, and even specific skills evaluation pricing if needed.

Teaching Resources and Certificate Delivery

From dedicated training rooms to mannequins, specify what you offer. Stay updated with our digital shift, as we emphasise on the convenience and efficiency of digital certificates. These can be instantly dispatched to students, eliminating the waiting time. If a hard copy is desired, you have the flexibility to offer it, possibly as a chargeable add-on.

Commission Earnings and Discounts

Make the most of your affiliation with ProTrainings. Our platform enables you to earn through commission-based e-learning. Plus, with customisable discount codes, you can offer incentives to your students or associates.

Final Steps

Once you’ve populated all the necessary fields, agree to our terms, set your username and password, and voila — you’re registered! Depending on your current instructor status (new or existing), there might be additional certificate uploads or verifications required. Regardless, our team is always at ready to assist.

Get in Touch

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