Hybrid training – learn about mixes of class and virtual students

Hybrid training is where you mix traditional classroom training with virtual training so some students are with the instructor in the class and others are there virtually through video conferencing.  This method of training is not as popular yet as it is a new way of training but it is becoming a good choice to allow students on courses to decide if they want to be in the class or online. This decision on which option students want is driven by things like Coronavirus concerns, travel costs and their style of learning.

At ProTrainigs and our sister company ITG Instructor Training, we have been working with hybrid training and it has worked very well.  We have found that students in the class and online adapt well to this new way of learning and the results are the same for both groups.

Additional equipment is needed in the class to allow the instructor to see the virtual students and the class students see the virtual ones but this is done by additional TV screens, effective cameras, microphones and speakers.

For more information on any format of training to suit your needs, please contact us by phoning 01206 805359, email support@protrainings.uk or use our online chat system.

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