Important Information About Your New CellAED®

Essential Do’s and Don’ts for Your New CellAED®

As a new owner of a CellAED®, it’s crucial to understand the proper ways to unpack, inspect, and store your device. This guide provides important information about your new CellAED® to ensure it remains in perfect condition for when it’s needed.

Unpacking and Inspecting Your CellAED®

After receiving your new CellAED®, follow these steps to ensure it is ready for use:

  • DO carefully remove it from the outer cardboard packaging.
  • DO thoroughly inspect the CellAED® protective case for any signs of damage incurred during transit.
  • DO check that the tamper-evident seal on the protective case is intact, confirming the device has not been previously used or compromised.

What Not to Do

It’s equally important to know what not to do:

  • DO NOT break the tamper-evident seal. Only open the case in an actual emergency situation.
  • DO observe the transparent bag through the protective case to ensure it is free from rips or tears, indicating the device is secure and uncontaminated.

Checking the LED Status Indicator

Regular checks are crucial:

  • DO ensure the LED status indicator on your CellAED® is functioning correctly, flashing green approximately every 30 seconds. This indicates the device is operational and ready for use.

Storing Your CellAED®

Proper storage of your CellAED® is vital:

  • DO store your CellAED® in a location that is easily visible and quickly accessible.
  • DO keep it away from direct sunlight to protect it from potential damage caused by excessive heat.

Seeking Assistance

If you have any questions or concerns regarding your new CellAED®, don’t hesitate to contact us for support and guidance.

Conclusion: Ready for Emergencies

By following this important information about your new CellAED®, you ensure that your device is always prepared and maintained for any emergency situations that may arise.

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