Innovative Female Skins for CPR Manikins: A Step Forward in Inclusive First-Aid Training

In this post, we’ll explore the groundbreaking skins designed for female manikins, which aim to enhance first-aid training by offering a more comprehensive and representative learning experience.

Addressing Disparities in CPR Survival Rates

With women constituting approximately half of the global population, it becomes imperative to address the noticeable disparities in CPR survival rates between genders. By familiarising trainees with both male and female anatomies, we can hope to facilitate more effective first-aid interventions in real-world emergencies.

Switching Skins: A Simple Procedure

Changing the manikin skins is a straightforward process. Begin by unfastening the six clasps to take off the standard skin, which reveals the section where the lungs are situated. These meticulously designed skins are not only representative but also convenient for storage and transportation, granting trainers the flexibility to switch between the male and female versions, tailoring their sessions based on the needs of their group.

Installation Made Easy

Fixing the female skin is a breeze. Just position it over the manikin, ensuring that the lungs are correctly aligned, and secure the skin at the designated points. Catering to a diverse audience, these skins are available in both light and dark shades, fitting seamlessly with the entire practice band range of manikins.

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