Introducing the Code Red Tourniquet: A Reliable Lifesaver Available at ProTrainings

Today, we’re excited to highlight the Code Red Tourniquet.

While it shares similarities with other tourniquets in the market, the Code Red Tourniquet stands out with its thoughtful design enhancements that ensure ease of use and reliability during emergencies.

Key Features of the Code Red Tourniquet

This Tourniquet is equipped with a wide strap and a quick-release buckle for easy application and fast removal. The windlass, an essential component of any tourniquet, is standard and easy to use.

Among its unique features is the large writing area, allowing for better documentation, particularly noting the time of application. Additionally, the tourniquet’s top piece is made of metal rather than standard plastic, offering greater durability.

One significant enhancement is the increased space between the prongs. This wider gap simplifies securing the windlass, especially in high-stress situations.

Applying the Code Red Tourniquet

Applying the Code Red Tourniquet is a seamless process. The tourniquet can be pre-set, placed over the wounded limb, and tightened using the windlass. A conveniently located button on the side helps to remove any remaining slack, ensuring a secure fit.

If adjustments are needed, the tourniquet can be released easily by pressing down the same side button. The user-friendly design facilitates the application process, whether it’s being placed around an arm or a leg. Once in place, the windlass is wound around to secure the tourniquet and minimise blood loss.

Additional Bonus Feature

Every one of theses tourniquets pack comes with a pen, an often overlooked but vital tool in an emergency. It’s crucial to note the time the tourniquet was applied, and with the included pen, this crucial detail will never be missed.


The Code Red Tourniquet, available in various packs at ProTrainings UK, is comparable to other tourniquets on the market, but with several unique features that enhance its usability and effectiveness. As more and more of these tourniquets reach the general public, we are proud to offer a product that combines simplicity, reliability, and practicality.

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