Introducing Woundclot Veterinary

Exploring the purpose-built solution for animals ranging from domestic pets to wildlife, the Woundclot veterinary range offers effective treatment for various injuries.

Why Woundclot Veterinary?

Woundclot veterinary is an essential addition for treating injuries in any animal, whether it’s your household pet, agricultural livestock, or inhabitants of zoos and wildlife parks.

Versatility in Sizes

Depending on your requirements, Woundclot veterinary is available in three distinct sizes:

  • 10 cm x 10 cm: A staple for many pet first aid kits, ideal for covering a reasonably large wound.
  • 8 cm x 20 cm: Offering more coverage and versatility, especially when dealing with larger wounds.
  • Z-Fold 8 cm x 100 cm: Best suited for high-risk scenarios, or where extensive injury has occurred. It can be torn to custom lengths, making it optimal for multiple injuries.

Treating Animal Wounds: A Unique Challenge

While the mechanism of the wound might be similar to humans, animals present unique challenges in treatment, especially when considering communication barriers and potential threats from the animal. However, the application process of Woundclot remains consistent.

Application Process

For instance, for a side cut, one can simply roll a piece of Woundclot, place it into the cut, tear another piece, and cover the wound, thereby accelerating clot formation. The final step would be to secure it with a bandage and rush the animal to a veterinary professional.

Why Choose Woundclot Veterinary?

Not only is it cost-effective, but it also offers unparalleled adaptability in addressing a variety of injuries, ensuring optimal care for our animal friends.


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