Lifesaver Kits: Compact First Aid Solutions for Every Adventure

At Pro Trainings, we’re constantly pushing boundaries to equip you better. Our latest? The compact yet comprehensive lifesaver kits ensure you’re perpetually prepared.

The Standard and Ultra: Two Kits, Tailored Needs

Our range introduces two mainstays – the ‘Standard’ and the ‘Ultra’. The ‘Standard’ kit, designed for swift responses, includes the CellAED, an AED prep kit, and a catastrophic bleed kit. Everything crucial to tackle cardiac arrests or catastrophic bleeds.

Want more? Our ‘Ultra’ kit delivers. Including everything in the standard, it also brings forth chest seals, a packable Woundclot, and a conventional first aid kit. Every conceivable emergency tool, right at your fingertips.

Comparing Lifesaver Kits with Conventional Backpack AEDs

On personal comparison with my regular backpack AED, these lifesaver kits astonished me. Every necessity, is compactly placed within. And with Pro Trainings, flexibility remains paramount. Whether it’s adjusting kit contents, adding your personal logo, or even getting a bespoke design – we cater to all your needs.

Adaptability and Versatility

Our kits are more than just items; they’re adaptive solutions. With a new collection of cases soon to launch and custom designs for differing requirements, these kits can be uniquely yours. For our trained professionals, there’s even an option inclusive of airways.

Every Scenario, One Solution

Remote work locations, mountain rescues, hikes, caravans, or sailboats – wherever life takes you, our lifesaver kits are indispensable companions. Comprehensive life-saving tools that fit comfortably within your grasp.

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