Meet Your Paramedic

Meet Your Paramedic


We are excited to introduce you to Helen, a dedicated paramedic. Her diverse experiences enrich our understanding of First Aid and Trauma Care.

Who is Helen?

Hello, my name is Helen. I proudly work as a paramedic with the East of England Ambulance Service. My career spans many roles, offering both broad and fulfilling experiences.

Helen’s Role in Emergency Services

Throughout my career, I’ve taken on several important roles to deliver care:

  • Air Ambulance Charity: Currently, I work with an air ambulance charity. Here, I deeply engage in patient and family liaison. This role enables me to provide essential aftercare, assisting families to find closure after significant incidents.
  • International Medical Events: Moreover, I manage medical logistics at international sporting events. Consequently, this ensures that athletes and attendees receive top-notch emergency care.

Why Helen Loves Her Job

Being a paramedic is incredibly rewarding for me. Notably, it allows me to meet and aid people from various backgrounds. Additionally, the diversity in my daily tasks keeps my work exciting and fulfilling.

What to Expect from Helen in This Series

As you follow this series, you’ll discover insights from Helen’s rich experience. Furthermore, she will lead you through practical scenarios, sharing expertise that comes from years of diverse practice.

Conclusion: The Heart of a Paramedic

Helen exemplifies the dedication, skill, and compassion of outstanding paramedics. These qualities define her commitment and highlight the critical role paramedics play in our communities. Through this series, we aim to spotlight the essential contributions of these professionals by illustrating the real impacts they make. This initiative, thoughtfully designed to inform and inspire, educates both current and future paramedics by presenting vivid examples of how their work profoundly benefits individuals and communities. By sharing stories like Helen’s, we aim to cultivate deeper respect for this demanding yet rewarding profession.

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