Nominate a good samaritan for a ProTrainings award

At ProTrainings, we have launched the ProTrainings award scheme, so the idea is that if you know somebody who is had to do first aid or has been very involved in any health and safety matter, something that is outstanding, gone and used their skills that they have learned and actually helped save a life or reduced, you know, accidents. We have a range of ProTrainings awards, and anyone can nominate anybody.

The way the awards work is you go online and you can just register and you need to give the details of the person, what they have actually done and why you are nominating them for the award. Say, for example, it may well be an instructor could be nominating someone who has taught someone CPR and then they’ve had to do CPR for real or they have had to deal with a catastrophic bleed or something… Well, they have gone beyond the normal scope of working and actually used their skills. The awards are available in different subjects, we have first aid ones, we have awards for health and safety, general awards, and they are completely free.

The award could also be for an instructor who has taught you and they have gone to exceptional lengths to help you throughout your training course. So remember, the ProTrainings awards are completely free, so just go to and nominate the person you wish to receive one of the new ProTrainings awards.

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