Overview of your CellAED Trainer™

Empowering Action in Sudden Cardiac Arrest Situations: The CellAED TRAINER™

Preparing and feeling confident in responding to sudden cardiac arrest is crucial. This guide focuses on how the CellAED TRAINER™ can help you build confidence.

The Importance of Confidence and Training

Intervening as a witness plays a crucial role in sudden cardiac arrest situations. If you train to identify cardiac arrest events, perform CPR, and use a defibrillator, you can significantly enhance your confidence and effectiveness in these emergencies where time is critical. For this purpose, the CellAED TRAINER™ serves as the ideal tool to prepare you.

Introducing the CellAED TRAINER™

Your CellAED TRAINER™ is a reusable, non-functional replica of the CellAED® personal defibrillator. Its distinct yellow and white colour makes it easily recognisable. It is designed for you to practice safely and repeatedly.

Using the CellAED TRAINER™

Remember, you should use the TRAINER™ only for training purposes; it’s not suitable for actual emergencies.

Practising Regularly for Effective Learning

Regular practice with your CellAED TRAINER™ is essential for retention of information. This ensures you’re prepared to use the CellAED® personal defibrillator effectively during an actual cardiac arrest without reservation.

Getting Started with Your CellAED TRAINER™

Upon receiving your CellAED TRAINER™:

  • Remove the unit and user manual from the packaging.
  • Preserve the outer packaging for storing the TRAINER™.
  • Store your TRAINER™ in a drawer or cupboard to avoid confusion with your actual CellAED®.

User Manual and Training App

The user manual covers everything about the CellAED TRAINER™, including:

  • Recognising and responding to sudden cardiac arrest.
  • Using the CellAED TRAINER™ app for practice.
  • Maintaining and resetting your CellAED TRAINER™.

The CellAED TRAINER™ app is available on the App Store and Google Play.

Conclusion: Stay Prepared and Confident

By regularly training with the CellAED TRAINER™, you’re equipping yourself with the knowledge and confidence needed to respond effectively in the event of a sudden cardiac arrest. Remember, practice makes perfect!






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