Packing a wound with Woundclot

Efficiency of WoundClot in Treating Major Wounds

If confronted with a gaping injury requiring wound packing, whether due to significant tissue loss or a profound cavity, WoundClot remains unmatched. Specifically, the 8×100 Z-fold gauze variant of WoundClot is your go-to. Numerous competitors offer Z-fold gauzes, yet WoundClot pairs this familiar format with its singular haemostatic properties housed within intuitive packaging.

Versatility of the Z-fold Gauze

WoundClot’s Z-fold gauze doesn’t limit its advantages to singular injuries. Given its design, one can effortlessly tear and apply it across multiple wounds. This means that a single packet can cater to various injuries, enhancing its versatility over others.

Post-Treatment Benefits

Conventional Z-fold gauzes often become rigid post-application, necessitating surgical extraction. WoundClot, however, has simplified this process. Its gel-like clotting property not only halts bleeding and aids in healing but is also effortlessly removable. Made of pure cellulose, WoundClot ensures no post-use complications.

Practical Demonstration of Z-fold Gauze

The Z-fold gauze’s practicality is evident right from its easy-to-open design to its straightforward application. Our demonstration uses training gauze to simulate its application on a knife-inflicted wound. As water mimics blood, we observe WoundClot’s rapid gel-like transformation, offering a visual testament to its efficacy.

WoundClot’s Edge Over Traditional Haemostats

The uniqueness of WoundClot becomes most evident when placed in contrast with other leading haemostats. It doesn’t just treat the injury; it ensures that the clot forms as close to the injury as possible, a feat unachievable by conventional dressings or haemostats.

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