Personal protection packs to keep yourself safe

In order to help fight against coronavirus, it is a good idea that you have personal protective equipment and also you keep your hands as clean as possible. What we have here is a personal protection kit. There is different types of kits, there is basic, there is standard and a more advanced one for larger families. And what you have got in here is everything you like to need. So there is some 70% alcohol hand gel, which you can use to keep your hands clean while you’re out and about, there are some face-masks that just click behind the ears, and also some gloves. And this kit has also got a waste disposal bag to put the items in once you are finished with them. The more basic kits just have one bottle in them and they do not have the waste bag, but it gives you a simple, easy way of carrying around the equipment you like to need to try and keep yourself and your family safe during these times of coronavirus and COVID-19. Full range of kits, both for individuals and for businesses, are available directly from the ProTrainings store at

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