PractiMan Advanced

The PractiMan Advanced is a two-in-one adult and child manikin, full feature manikin, perfect for CPR training. PractiMan Advanced has the same airway system as all the Practi-Man family of manikins. This means the air that is exhaled from the lungs is vented out the back of the head. Therefore students are not getting a contamination risk, like with many other manikins. The airway system is also very easy to change.

You can also buy extra faces, so each student can have their own face, which gives more confidence and makes training more effective. The Practi-Man Advance is lightweight at only 2.6 kilos. There is a switch on the back to select adult or child settings, or without a clicker, to show the correct compression depth. Practi-Man Advance can also be used to practice the insertion and removal of an OP airway. You can do this by removing the airway valve. You can not only practice head-tilt/chin-lift, but also jaw thrust to open the airway.

Practi-Man Advance is available with or without a carry bag, which also doubles as a mat. It is also available in a pack of four in one bag, and also as a mixed bag in a single-wheeled bag with three Practi-Babies and three Practi-Man Advance combined Adult and Child Manikins. For more information, or to order, please contact us or visit our website.

For more information on training courses, visit our “Courses” page which also includes our First Responder and First Person on Scene (FPOS) Courses.

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