Practice Deactivation with your CellAED Trainer

Guidance on CellAED TRAINER Deactivation and Care of Your CellAED® Devices

It’s essential to understand the process of deactivating your CellAED TRAINER™ and maintaining both your CellAED TRAINER™ and CellAED® personal defibrillator for their optimal use.

CellAED TRAINER Deactivation and CellAED® Personal Defibrillator Shutdown

Both devices require specific steps to deactivate or shut down after use:

Deactivating the CellAED® Personal Defibrillator

  • Join the two gel pads for at least 5 seconds to initiate the deactivation.
  • Voice instructions may persist momentarily depending on the therapy cycle phase.
  • Deactivation is confirmed when you hear “Device deactivated”, after which the defibrillator cannot be reactivated.

Process of CellAED TRAINER Deactivation

Understanding the distinction between CellAED TRAINER deactivation and the CellAED® personal defibrillator deactivation is important:

  • After practice, initiate the CellAED TRAINER deactivation by sticking the pads together.
  • To reset the TRAINER™ for future use, carefully separate the pads and press the retraction button.

CellAED TRAINER™ Pad Maintenance

For maintaining the adhesive quality of the TRAINER™ pads:

  • Clean gently with a soft, soapy cloth.
  • Avoid harsh cleaners and water immersion.
  • Allow the pads to dry fully before reapplying them.

Storing Your CellAED Devices

Ensure to store your CellAED TRAINER™ separately from the CellAED® personal defibrillator to prevent any mix-up during an emergency.

Key Differences Between the Devices

It is critical to remember:

  • Your CellAED® personal defibrillator is for single use and should remain in its case until needed in an emergency.
  • The TRAINER™ pads, contrastingly, are designed for repeated use and easy maintenance.

Conclusion: Enhancing Emergency Readiness

Regularly practising with your CellAED TRAINER™, understanding the deactivation process, and maintaining your devices properly are key to being well-prepared for emergency situations. Learn-Practise-Repeat to build confidence and proficiency.

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