ProTrainings Course Types 4 – What is Virtual Training?

Virtual TrainingVirtual training has increased since the Coronavirus lockdowns as an option for some types of training. Virtual training is where the course is delivered online through platforms like Zoom.  You can take the course at home or work and interact and learn through a virtual platform whether on a laptop, tablet or smartphone.

Virtual training is not for everyone and you need to have a good internet connection but it does allow you to learn without travel and you still have the advantage of the course being taught by an instructor so you can ask questions.  The instructor can break the group up into smaller groups using break-out rooms so you can still have group discussions and feedback can be done individually without others hearing.  At ProTrainings we have a virtual training platform and digital test system to make virtual training work really well.

The advantages of virtual training are:

  • You can be anywhere in the world when you take the course
  • No travelling to the course
  • Still benefit from training with a live instructor and other students
  • Access to course downloads
  • Fully accredited training
  • Ask questions when you want
  • Still have the benefit of a structured lesson rather than self-study

For more information on any format of training to suit your needs, please contact us by phoning 01206 805359, email or use our online chat system.

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