Restricted access CPR – Can you deliver CPR if they are hard to access?

There are times when you may not be able to deliver conventional compressions like if the person has fallen between seats in a stadium but this could also be anywhere that you cannot get to the side of the patient.

In an ideal world, you need to drag the patient to somewhere close that you can deliver CPR correctly.  If you can do this be careful so as not to hurt yourself, get help if possible.

If you have to deliver CPR in a confined space, first open their airway and check their breathing, if they are not breathing, activate the EMS and ask for an AED.

You will have to adapt to the situation and do what you can to deliver compressions and if you can breaths as well.  This could be from the side over seats or over the head.  You are still aiming to deliver the compressions in the centre of the chest in the same place and try and push directly down.  Your actions may not be as good as laying them on their back and kneeling by their side but at least you are doing something.

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