Run, Hide, Tell – keeping safe in a terror incident

Firearm and Weapon Attacks in the UK: Staying Prepared

While the UK remains relatively safe from firearm and weapon attacks, recent global incidents underscore the importance of readiness.

The terrorist threat level in the UK does fluctuate, occasionally reaching “severe”, signalling a high likelihood of an attack. Though the risk is minimal, being prepared for such an eventuality can make all the difference.

Even though such attacks remain infrequent, cultivating awareness of your surroundings and having a plan can enhance your safety and potentially save lives. The National Police Chiefs Council offers a guideline to follow if ever confronted by a firearms or weapons assault.

To ensure safety during an attack, remember these three pivotal steps: Run, Hide, Tell.

  1. Run: If a safe escape route is available, take it. Encourage others to come with you, but don’t let them slow you down. Your personal belongings can be left behind.
  2. Hide: If you can’t run, find a hiding spot, ideally shielded from gunfire. Lock and barricade the door, positioning yourself away from the entrance. Ensure silence, including silencing your mobile.
  3. Tell: Once safe, ring 999. Provide your location, the direction in which the attacker is heading, and offer as much detail as possible.

If you can, prevent others from entering the danger zone. Everyone’s ability to follow “Run, Hide, Tell” may differ due to factors like age, physical fitness, or other circumstances. When running isn’t feasible, you should still endeavour to distance yourself from the threat as swiftly as possible. The guidance underscores the importance of aiding those who might require assistance during such an ordeal. Additionally, employers should have protocols to aid the evacuation of disabled employees in the event of an attack.

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