Schools and defibrillators on the First Aid Show

The Lifesaving Role of Defibrillators in Schools

Cardiac arrests can occur unexpectedly, and having immediate access to defibrillators in educational institutions can be the difference between life and death.

The Impact of Quick Access

Research strongly supports that accessing a defibrillator within 3-5 minutes after a cardiac arrest can spike survival rates by over 40%. In school settings, this could protect the lives of students, staff, and visitors.

Championing the Cause: The Oliver King Foundation

Driven by a personal tragedy, Mark King, who lost his son Oliver at 12 to a cardiac arrest, created the Oliver King Foundation. This initiative, endorsed by ex-footballer Jamie Carragher, focuses on spreading awareness regarding the life-saving potential of defibrillators.

Collaborative Efforts with the Government

After aligning with charities like the British Heart Foundation, the government evaluated the need for defibrillators in English schools. The outcome? The Department of Education’s commitment to equip every state-funded school in England with this life-saving apparatus, emphasizing placement near frequently used areas like sports halls and playing fields.

Incorporating First Aid into Education

Mandatory inclusion of first aid training in school curriculums ensures that secondary school students are well-versed in essential techniques, such as CPR and the function of defibrillators. The new program targets complete coverage, eliminating any disparities in accessibility.

Surveying and Sourcing Defibrillators

Initial estimates indicate the requirement for over 20,000 defibrillators. With a minimum of one unit per school, larger schools will receive additional devices. As a supportive measure, ProTrainings offers a complimentary course on, combining video lessons with practical modules to ensure comprehensive first aid training.

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