Schools and defibrillators on the First Aid Show

Substantial evidence demonstrates that defibrillators significantly enhance the likelihood of surviving a cardiac arrest. These devices can save the lives of students, staff, and visitors in educational settings. Recent studies indicate that accessing a defibrillator within three to five minutes of a cardiac arrest improves survival rates by over 40%.

The Oliver King Foundation, backed by former footballer Jamie Carragher, has been devoted to raising awareness about this crucial issue. After meeting with the foundation’s creator, Mark King, who tragically lost his 12-year-old son Oliver to cardiac arrest, the government collaborated with charities and specialists, including the British Heart Foundation, to evaluate the extent of the need in English schools.

The Department of Education intends to supply defibrillators to all state-funded schools throughout England. This effort will guarantee that every school has a life-saving device and will increase the number of defibrillators available in communities nationwide. It is essential that these devices are located near sports halls and playing fields that children and young people in the community use daily.

Schools are already required to incorporate first aid training into their curriculum. Secondary school students are learning vital techniques such as CPR, cardiopulmonary resuscitation, and the purpose of defibrillators. Although many schools already possess defibrillators on their premises, this program aims to address any gaps and ensure broader access to this vital first aid equipment in schools and local communities.

A survey will be conducted to determine the number of defibrillators needed to guarantee access for all state-funded schools, with estimates suggesting over 20,000 units in total. The government has pledged to fund a minimum of one defibrillator per school, with additional devices for larger sites. To complement this initiative, a free ProTrainings course is available to all schools at Students can participate in a complimentary video online course, and teachers can provide a corresponding practical module to ensure all students acquire basic first aid skills.

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