Selling Training Course Gift Cards In Your Business

Diversifying Your Product Offerings with Training Course Gift Cards

In an evolving marketplace, integrating training courses into your product selection can notably amplify your business’s appeal, irrespective of the industry sector you operate in. From training organizations to retail outlets and even pet stores, introducing training opportunities can unlock new avenues for revenue. ProTrainings stands at the forefront, presenting over 350 diverse training courses, thereby enabling businesses like yours to seamlessly incorporate educational offerings alongside your conventional products. Training gift cards will take this experience to the next level.

Discover the Advantages of ProTrainings Gift Cards

To streamline the sale of training courses, we have crafted a series of gift cards. These cards, which cater to a wide array of courses including but not limited to AED defibrillation training, make a perfect addition to any retail environment, be it at the checkout counter or on display shelves.

The Operational Mechanics

Each card prominently displays the title of the course it represents, such as defibrillation training, complemented by a scratch panel on the reverse side. This design facilitates effortless redemption through a quick QR code scan or a visit to our website, where customers can input their unique code and commence their training without delay.

A Broad Spectrum of Course Topics

Our gift cards span a comprehensive range of subjects from pet first aid to comprehensive health and safety, mental health topics, and beyond, ensuring a match for every customer’s interest.

Customisation and Personalisation for Wholesale Orders

For orders on a larger scale, we extend customisation services, including the option to embed your brand’s logo on the cards. Subject to a minimum order threshold of a hundred units, we also offer bespoke card design and course codes tailored to your specific requirements.

Unlocking the Potential of Training Course Gift Cards

Offering these gift cards not only promises attractive profit margins but also the advantage of enduring validity, as the codes carry no expiry date. This allows generous flexibility in sales timelines. Upon redemption, customers gain access to a wealth of training resources, including but not limited to, downloadable student manuals and comprehensive links to further material.

Embarking on Your Journey with ProTrainings Gift Cards

To explore how these training course gift cards can revolutionize your business model and to initiate offering them to your clientele, please do not hesitate to reach out to us for more detailed information.

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