Setting Up Your IPAD AED

Setting Up Your iPAD AED

Welcome to this edition of the First Aid Show. Today, we’re walking you through Setting Up Your IPAD AED, ensuring you’re fully prepared for any emergency situations.

Initial Setup

Start by removing the battery and the AED from their protective cases. Carefully slide the battery into the side compartment of the AED until it clicks into place, confirming it’s securely installed. Immediately after insertion, the AED automatically initiates a self-test to check all functions are working correctly.

Activating the Device

Listen for the voice prompt during startup, which will instruct you to press the flashing blue information button. This action confirms that the visual indicators are operational and that the AED is ready to be used.

Completing the Setup

Once you press the suggested button, the device will indicate it is ready. Should you delay or skip this step, the device will present an error message along with an error code. This code is crucial for troubleshooting with our support team if needed.

Look at the display to see icons that confirm the connection of the pads and the full charge of the battery. It’s a good practice to turn on the device briefly to ensure everything is functioning properly, then turn it off again.

Final Checks and Storage

Before storing your AED:

  • Check the pads to ensure they are securely connected and not visibly worn.
  • Verify the expiry dates on the pads to ensure they are still effective.

Log these checks regularly to maintain a record of each AED’s maintenance needs, particularly if you manage multiple units.

Storing Your AED

Reinsert the AED into its protective case, making sure it fits snugly. Include an AED prep kit in the case lid for easy access during emergencies. Finally, zip the case closed to secure everything in place.

Conclusion: Ready for Emergencies

Following these steps ensures that your IPAD AED is set up correctly and ready for use. Regular maintenance and vigilant checks are key to guarantee that the device performs effectively when required. Setting Up Your IPAD AED is straightforward, and meticulous attention to detail could be lifesaving.


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