Shutting Down Your CellAED®

Understanding the Process for Shutting Down Your CellAED®

In emergency situations,  shutting down your CellAED® is as crucial as operating it. This guide explains the detailed process of shutting down your CellAED® to ensure it’s correctly deactivated after use.

When to Shut Down Your CellAED®

It’s vital to know that your CellAED® must be removed before using any other defibrillator. When emergency services arrive, promptly follow their instructions. They will take over the emergency care, removing the CellAED® and potentially applying their defibrillator.

Steps to Remove the CellAED®

Before shutting down your CellAED®, you’ll need to carefully remove it from the patient. Follow these steps for a smooth transition:

  • Gently detach the electrode pads from the patient.
  • Ensure you cease all interaction with the device as the emergency team takes over.

Initiating the Shutdown Process

Shutting down your CellAED® is a straightforward process, yet requires attention to detail:

  • To start the shutdown, press the two gel pads together firmly for a minimum of five seconds.
  • Be aware that depending on the treatment cycle phase, the voice instructions might continue briefly.
Completing the Shutdown

Upon successful shutdown, you’ll hear the final voice instruction:

CellAED® sound: “Device deactivated”

At this point, you will have fully deactivated your CellAED®, and it will no longer function as a defibrillator.

Conclusion: Ensuring Proper Shutdown of Your CellAED®

By carefully following these outlined steps, you confidently guarantee the correct and efficient execution of your CellAED®’s shutdown process. Adhering to this procedure is not just a matter of protocol; it’s also a crucial aspect of the device’s post-use management. Ensuring the proper deactivation of your CellAED® after its vital function in a medical emergency is instrumental. This careful deactivation maintains the device’s integrity for future inspections or reviews and ensures compliance with safety standards post-use.


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