The STAT Tourniquet

The Smart Tactical Application Tourniquet, or STAT, is ideal for catastrophic bleeding and mass casualty treatments. It is a different type of tourniquet for catastrophic bleeding. Here we have two versions. The orange is the actual unit and the blue is a training version. It is also available in black for military use. It is the perfect solution for mass casualty instance as it can be applied simply and effectively in less than five seconds. It could also be used on limbs as small as 20 mm, which allows it to be used on adults, children and even dogs. Once applied, the tourniquet will significantly reduce the loss of blood from traumatic and catastrophic bleeding. We are now going to look at the features of the STAT tourniquet. Now the first one of these is the timer. And this is the only tourniquet of its type which has a pop-down timer, which allows the doctor or surgeon to know exactly how long the device has been on the individual. It is still a good idea to write the time down on the patient or have some other records on the patient report forms, but this is a simple pop-up timer which gives clear indications.

The next thing with the STAT tourniquet is the way that it tightens. This is a precision tightening which allows you to pull the tourniquet and tighten it in increments of as small as 2 mm. The instructions are very clear and easy to read and they are printed actually on the tourniquet itself, so it makes it much easier for people to use. There is a release lever and this is highly visible and it allows it to be removed simply when in the hospital. The locking system is very straightforward and it works very similar way to a cable tie. You just hold the end and pull and it will just ratchet straight up to the right tension. There is a finger loop, which makes it much easier to tighten it onto the patient. These are very small and compact and they are very easy to fit into a bag or into a first aid kit. You can also preload them on a carabiner and maybe have 50 of these in one area. So if you had to deal with a mass casualty incident, you have got loads of these available. It is a single use product, it is CE marked and it is completely latex free. When you take it out of its packaging, to start with, there is the initial label and that has got details in there of the serial number. All you do is you can just pull it out, you have got the instruction leaflet, unclip the rubber band and then you have got the main tourniquet itself.

It is very straightforward and very, very easy to use. So what we are going to do now is just using the training tourniquet, we are just showing you how to apply it onto the limb. Take it around the limb and you place it exactly the same as you would any other tourniquet. This end just pokes through the gap. You put the loop there and you can then simply pull it until it is tight and then pull it as tight as you need. Any spare material, you can just tuck back so it keeps it nice and tidy on the limb itself. And finally, remember with all tourniquets, these are removed by a doctor in the hospital.

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