Using your CellAED TRAINER™ with the CellAED TRAINER™ App

Effective Training with Your CellAED TRAINER™

Learn how to utilise your CellAED TRAINER™ alongside the CellAED TRAINER™ app to prepare for real-life emergency scenarios.

Understanding the Purpose of Your CellAED TRAINER™

The CellAED TRAINER™ is solely for training purposes and does not function as a defibrillator. It’s essential to practice with it as you would with your actual CellAED® personal defibrillator for effective learning.

Using the CellAED TRAINER™ App

Unlike the CellAED® personal defibrillator, the TRAINER™ lacks built-in voice instructions. The CellAED TRAINER™ app compensates for this by playing the necessary voice instructions to guide you through the Snap Peel Stick™ application process in simulated scenarios.

Accessing the App

Download the CellAED TRAINER™ app from Google Play or the App Store, or access it via the QR code in your manual or on the outer packaging. The app also provides a link to the CellAED® proprietary instructional video for additional guidance.

Choosing Your Training Mode

The app offers responsive and automated modes for different learning preferences:

  • Responsive Modes: Engage interactively with individual voice instructions or confirm completed actions.
  • Automated Modes: Experience pre-set, fully automated scenarios without the need for interaction.

Practicing with Different Scenarios

Choose from a variety of scenarios that mimic real-life situations you may encounter with your CellAED® personal defibrillator. These scenarios are designed to replicate the pace and urgency of actual emergencies, helping you to practice effectively.

Conclusion: Preparing for Real Emergencies

Regular training with the CellAED TRAINER™ and its accompanying app is crucial for building confidence and skill in handling sudden cardiac arrest situations. By familiarising yourself with various scenarios, you can be better prepared to act swiftly and effectively in a real emergency.


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