What happens at Ambulance control?

We are here talking to Ade Gibson from Ambulance Control, to tell us a little bit about what is ambulance control?

Ambulance control is usually a room made up of numerous amounts of staff who have different skillsets and part of that is taking calls, emergency calls, receiving those, triaging those emergency calls and putting them into a category. Once the address is verified, they will go across to dispatch where the controllers will assign incidences to ambulances in that order of category.

So when a member of the public who has got no first aid experience at all, dials 999, what is actually the process? Who is the very first person that answers that call?

When you ring triple nine, they will go through to the operator, BT, and then that will send that to call to the nearest ambulance service. Now, there are two ways that can reach us, either via landline, which is direct from a house phone, or from a mobile phone, which is usually triggered from a mask that is nearby, so there are two ways that call can be received. Once that call is received, obviously the first priority is to make sure that the patient is breathing, whether they are or not, and then to get the address. That is the next important thing.

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