What is the ideal animal haemostatic agent?

When searching for the perfect hemostatic agent to address bleeding, it’s essential to consider specific criteria for effectiveness. Collaclot is a prime example of a product that meets these standards. The foremost requirement for an ideal hemostatic agent is the ability to rapidly and effectively control bleeding across various conditions and wound types. It should be capable of stopping blood flow within two minutes even when applied to an actively bleeding wound, making it suitable for handling even the most severe arterial bleeds. Additionally, it should provide sustained hemostasis for several hours in case of a delay in reaching veterinary care.

As a natural collagen product, Collaclot fulfills these needs. Collagen is abundant in all mammals, so it avoids introducing foreign substances into the body, unlike some products based on kaolin or chitosan. The hemostatic agent should also be easy to remove without leaving any residue or contaminants. Some products are biodegradable and don’t require removal, while Collaclot, which does not adhere to tissue, can be easily removed.

Designed for ease of use, Collaclot brings the life-saving benefits of hemostatic agents to pet and animal owners. It is quicker to apply and more versatile than alternatives like Z-Fold dressings. Collaclot also promotes the body’s natural coagulation process, enabling the sponge to effectively halt bleeding. Once placed in the wound, primary hemostasis is initiated, preventing further blood loss. The product should also be affordable, easy to manufacture, and environmentally friendly. Collaclot meets these criteria, utilizing chicken collagen as a by-product, with a manufacturing process that minimizes air miles and travel miles, resulting in a competitively priced product.

Storage and shelf life are also essential considerations for first-aid kit inclusions. Collaclot can be stored between -10°C and +55°C and boasts an impressive five-year shelf life. It can even withstand extreme conditions, ranging from -95°C up to +55°C. To purchase Collaclot, visit ProTrainings Europe’s supplies site at first-aid-online.co.uk or contact them for more information at support@protrainings.uk or call 01206 805 359.

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