When to use your CellAED®

Identifying the Right Moments for Using Your CellAED®

Knowing when to use your CellAED® during a sudden cardiac arrest is critical. This guide provides clear instructions on recognising and responding to such emergencies.

When to Use

CellAED® should be applied to any person experiencing sudden cardiac arrest. Recognise the signs: unconsciousness, unresponsiveness, abnormal or no breathing, and no signs of circulation. Avoid using your CellAED® on individuals who are awake and breathing normally.

Understanding Sudden Cardiac Arrest

Sudden cardiac arrest occurs when the heart stops circulating blood. Symptoms include immediate unconsciousness, unresponsiveness, and abnormal breathing known as agonal breathing.

Initial Response and Safety Checks

Before use:

  • Ensure the area is safe for chest compression CPR and device use.
  • Move the patient from any hazardous locations such as water or electro-conductive surfaces.

Assessing the Patient

To check for cardiac arrest:

  • Attempt to attract the patient’s attention with loud calls or gentle shaking.
  • Use the head tilt, chin lift method to open the airway and check for normal breathing.

Immediate Actions in Cardiac Arrest

If alone, call emergency services immediately, then start CPR. If others are present, instruct them to call for help and bring the CellAED® while you administer CPR.

Administering Chest Compression CPR

Perform chest compressions and rescue breaths:

  • Use the correct hand placement and compression depth.
  • Provide 30 compressions at a rate of 100-120 per minute, followed by 2 rescue breaths.

Preparing for Application

As soon as your CellAED® arrives, prepare for its application:

  • Remove clothing from the patient’s chest quickly and efficiently.
  • Ensure the chest is clean, dry, and free from excessive hair or medical equipment.


Follow these guidelines to effectively use your CellAED® in an emergency. Remember, quick and appropriate action can save lives. Familiarise yourself with these steps to ensure you’re prepared when needed.


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