Woundclot and large areas

Effective Management of Large Area Wounds with WoundClot

WoundClot is a revolutionary tool for controlling bleeding in large area wounds. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to use it effectively.

Preparation Steps

Before you begin:

  • Wear gloves to maintain hygiene and protect yourself.
  • Open the WoundClot package and unfold the haemostatic gauze.

Applying WoundClot

In a real-world scenario:

  1. Cut away any clothing around the wound.
  2. Apply WoundClot directly over the wound.
  3. Use multiple gauzes if the wound is large, ensuring full coverage.
  4. Apply direct pressure over the gauze for a few minutes to encourage clot formation.</
  5. Direct Pressure: Apply pressure over the WoundClot for a few minutes to aid in clot formation.

Unique Characteristics of WoundClot

WoundClot’s special features:

  • Adheres to the wound site under challenging conditions.
  • Promotes rapid blood coagulation and robust clot formation.
  • Controls bleeding effectively, even in severe cases.

Post-Application Monitoring

After applying WoundClot:

  • Regularly check the wound to ensure bleeding is controlled.
  • Look out for any complications developing.

Removing WoundClot

WoundClot removal process:

  • Can be removed by healthcare professionals.
  • Dissolvable using saline or water for painless removal.
  • Unlike other dressings, it does not require surgical removal.

Handling Large Area Wounds


  • Managing large area wounds is a serious matter.
  • Always seek professional medical attention in severe cases.

Using Different Sizes of WoundClot

Choosing the right size:

  • For large wounds, use the 20×30 cm WoundClot.
  • Smaller wounds can be covered with smaller gauzes or cut strips from larger ones.
  • WoundClot can be easily torn to fit the required size, minimizing wastage.


WoundClot is a versatile and effective solution for managing large area wounds, offering ease of use and efficient bleeding control. It’s an essential addition to any first-aid kit, particularly for serious injuries.

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