Dive Deep into Trauma Care with WoundClot Gauze

Dive Deep into Trauma Care with WoundClot Gauze

Unravel the features of the WoundClot trauma gauze, an essential for everyone, from first aiders to military professionals. With its four distinct sizes, it’s geared for diverse injury scenarios.

Key Features of WoundClot Trauma Gauze

  • Four sizes tailored for various needs: A compact 10cm x 10cm, the 8cm x 20cm variant, a larger 20cm x 30cm, and the ultra-versatile Z-fold measuring 8cm x 100cm.
  • User-centric green packaging, featuring easily marked notches for quick and intuitive opening.
  • Clear and concise details are showcased on the front, paired with thorough instructions on the reverse.

Usability At Its Best

The simplicity and effectiveness of WoundClot are evident right from its opening. Beyond the packaging, you find a neatly folded gauze that promises versatility, whether you’re dressing larger injuries or packing wounds.

Upgrading Your First Aid Kit

Integrating the WoundClot range into your arsenal can elevate any first aid kit, metamorphosing it into a trauma-prepared tool. Picking the apt gauze becomes a breeze when you weigh in the nature of injuries you anticipate, against your budget.

Contact & Further Information

For enquiries or a deeper dive into first aid training, give us a ring at 01206 805359 or drop a note at support@protrainings.uk. Explore the realm of first aid on www.protrainings.uk and www.first-aid-online.co.uk.

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