BLS Scenario

Welcome to this edition of The First Aid Show. Today we are going to look at an ALS scenario in a short film presented by Tony, our paramedic, who presents our advanced life support course.

What we are going to look at now is a patient who is being transported to hospital under non-emergency conditions, who suddenly becomes unresponsive en route. I asked my colleague to pull over and to come into the back to give me some assistance. Meanwhile, I will manage this scenario. Hello, hello, can you hear me? Kynan, can you come and give me a hand? The patient’s unresponsive. Airway. He has got no pulse and no respirations. Can you set up the AED, please? Meanwhile, I will start chest compressions.

Stay calm. Follow these instructions. Make sure emergency services are called now. Begin by exposing patient’s bare chest. Remove or cut clothing, if needed. When patient’s chest is bare, remove the white square package from lid of AED. Do not touch the patient. Analysing heart rhythm. Please wait. Shock advised. Do not touch the patient.

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